C O R R E   D I A B L O

L O S   Á N G E L E S ,    C A 

All photos by Sarah Calixto or Joe Calixto

Pissed off tunes made by nice dudes from Los Angeles, California.


Saul Arredondo, who plays the drums and sings sometimes
Jay Clalixto, who plays the bass
Xavier Delgado, who sings and plays guitar
Danny Meigh, who plays guitar and sings sometimes.


Corre Diablo shouldn’t exist. Songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Xavier Delgado, a lifelong punk-ish musician originally from Montebello, CA, moved to San Diego for grad school in 2016 with no intent of starting yet another band. But, in the midst of creating lesson plans and writing papers, Delgado also began crafting songs that would become 2017’s Claws. While Corre Diablo finds influence sonically from the more emotional side of punk - Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, Leatherface, etc. - Delgado’s lyrical societal critiques are more akin to classic punks Bad Religion, The Clash, and Minor Threat. Taking this influence a step further, the band has always worked with a number of charities, donating proceeds from merch sales to mutual aid funds as well as charities such as Border Angels.

The band spread their punk-with-emo-leanings sound around Southern California with San Diego as a home base until Delgado moved back to LA and recruited a fresh lineup, consisting of drummer Saul Arredondo and bassist Jay Calixto. With the general East side of LA now home, the trio continued to craft songs that are sonically nostalgic while remaining fresh, resulting in 2020's Three Songs Performed by Corre Diablo. Guitarist Danny Meigh was added to the lineup as the band emerged from the COVID-19 lockdown, further expanding the sonic abilities and stage presence of Corre Diablo.

Now a quartet, Corre Diablo is continuing to spread its message and sound to as many ears as will listen, forever flying high the reminder that joy and camaraderie are crucial parts of a larger push for societal change; after all, why fight for a better place if you can’t enjoy hanging with the homies?



Three Songs Performed by Corre Diablo

Released Aug. 28, 2020


Released Oct. 13, 2017